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3 Best Place For Indoor Navigation

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

We usually use maps and GPS navigators, for traveling, searching buildings and orienting on the roads. All of these systems operate exclusively in open areas or on the streets. Sometimes we need to quickly navigate in the huge airports or shopping centers, find the right gate or store, duty free zone or playgrounds. Navigation system works in enclosed spaces and can provide information not only about the location, but also send various notifications to the phone. In this article we will examine the main places where you can use the indoor navigation.


Take any Mall or Airport as an example. People often face difficulties in finding a free parking space, what makes shopping a stressful situation. Often parking can have several levels and you can endlessly ride around in searching of free space. The technology of indoor navigation is able to quickly orient the driver and show him free parking spaces. The technology works the way it arrives at your crowded destination, your mobile application will detect and tell you which parking spaces are free. Or make a cashless settlement. This allows you to use parking without stress and find your car in the parking lot as quickly as possible.

Retail and mall

When you are in another city in a huge Mall, finding a store is just as difficult as how to find a free parking space. Using indoor navigation, customers have this information right at their fingertips in the shopping center application. Indoor navigation, as well as other services, makes purchases more pleasant for the client. Some stores can send notifications to the smartphones about discounts or new items when you are nearby. There is a huge selection of display options for shops and restaurants like working hours, photos, information, contact. Stores can use push messages and coupons. The "Around Me" feature provides an overview of all stores in the user environment.


People have a lot of problems at the airport, especially if the person is at the huge airport for the first time. It is very difficult for many to understand right away where to go through the registration, where to go to boarding and many other questions. Indoor navigation in airports can help to register, go to the desired gate, get information about the flight in real time, about their delays and any changes. Find shops and restaurants at the airport, count and pay for parking at the airport. 2d /3d maps of the airport will show what is next to you.

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